Breckan Olson- Interior Designer


Interior Design by Breckan

Designing beautiful, unique and functional environments. Have your home, office, cabin and or beach house go from ordinary to extraordinarily distinctive by Breckan with current design tips and trends.

“I have a passion for blending beauty with function that led me into the field of interior design. I long to create a beautiful, meaningful and funcationable space to nurture and enjoy the lives of loved ones and or create a work space that inspires you. I am called to be an interior designer, there is nothing I don’t love about this business. I will help you love your home, office, cabin or beach house by designing your space with all the things you like and that inspire you. Your living and work spaces should be the perfect expression of who you are. Being in your home and office should make you feel at ease. Your home is especially an important space as it is your sanctuary and you want it to bring a zenful feel to your lifestyle and family, not drain you.” -Breckan

Breckan has an eye for choosing the right furniture pieces, fixtures, decor and designing the perfect floor plan . She specializes in selection of color, materials and placement of interior.

Have savvy style, chic design and ace of space by Breckan.


  • Specializes to assist in Color, Furniture and Material selection
  • Styling, Room Staging
  • Design Advice
  • Budget Design
  • Floor Plans
  • Party and Holiday planning and decorating

Interior Design is the art or process of designing a room or building.
An interior designer is someone who coordinates and manages projects.

Interior design is a multifaceted profession that includes conceptual development, communicating with the stake holders of a project and the management and execution of the design.

The benefits of hiring an interior designer are:

  • Saving Money
  • Professional Assessment
  • Budget and Planning
  • Liaison
  • Wide Variety of Resources
  • Contacts
  • Wow Factor
  • Home Sale
  • A Trained Eye
  • Visual Story-teller
  • Unique Ideas